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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sony's 4-Step Plan To Destroy Apple

Step 1: Mimic Apple

Interestingly enough, the first step is tried and true for anyone learning to do something well: learn from the best. Apple is currently raking in $60 billion in revenue last year, but Sony pulled in an impressive $77 billion in revenue during the same time. And while Apple is, quite clearly, doing something right, Sony stands tall on its own. But numbers can be deceiving. Apple has everything going their way, and it is only a matter of time before Sony feels the hurt.
But if Sony takes a few pages from Apple’s playbook, we could be telling a different story in the future.

Step 2: Consolidate

The second step is to consolidate Sony’s current products and platforms. If Sony reduces its efforts to producing only a handful — here is the “less is more” argument — of smart phones, tablets, and netbooks while combining its content platforms into one unified system, the company would be in a much better position to compete with Apple.
Sony should begin by combining Music Unlimited, Qriosity, PlayStation Store, Reader Store, and any other content platforms that the company has into a unified platform like iTunes (Sony has already combined Music Unlimited and Qriosity, to their credit). Apart from providing developers and content providers a centralized location to deal with and directing consumers to a single platform to make all their purchases from, this would give Sony a single platform from which to base all of their hardware on. This is a very important step, and one that I have also criticized Microsoft about in the past.

Step 3: Cripple Apple

The third step might not be as difficult as it would appear. It starts off relatively simple: Sony would withdraw all of its content from the Apple ecosystem. This means that all of Sony’s artists that are signed to the company’s labels and all of Sony’s film and television content would no longer be available for purchase from within Apple’s iTunes marketplace.
If we entertain the idea that Sony would actually pull its content (and Sony’s COO sounded very confident that this could happen in time), this act alone isn’t what would devastate Apple. It only becomes a powerful statement if the remaining trio of the “Big Four” music labels and the rest of the “Big Six” movie studios stand with Sony. Apple would then have a situation on its hands.

Step 4: Win Developers' Interest

Speaking of developers, this is the last step for Sony to reach the pinnacle of tech stardom. Without the support of third-party developers, all of the actions taken by Sony would not matter, because Apple (or Google, Research In Motion, Microsoft, etc.) would still have the most important piece of the pie — the creativity and innovation from the outside world.


  1. Wow! Where did you find most of this info?! Thanks for sharing very useful!

  2. Sony > Apple.
    I like where this is going

  3. Sony would indeed be better at doing business if it was at Apples place,Apple has the publicity, but not the quality as Sony has

  4. Then we'd just have another Apple. haha. I think sony is fine where they are.

  5. apple has sony beat in the computer markets, highly doubt itll change in the future.

  6. at the risk of sounding like a fanboy woooo! i've loved sony since their logo was an orange pixelated S. almost every room in my house has one or multiple sony products but i'm still kinda butthurt that they discontinued the development of the Qrio and AI. sony had a robot lecture at my design college and it blew my mind.

  7. I love Sony just because all their shit is compatible with EVERYTHING. Their USP cables can be used with almost anything, their SD cards can be used for cameras and PSPS, their blue tooth for the PS3 works with most phones. I could keep going, but you get my point. I love Sony.

  8. This is why I always buy sony stuff

  9. Good analysis and comparison of sony to apple! I like it!

  10. I hope that Sony doesn't become like Apple. I despise Apple, they try to control every single thing. It's like they feel like you don't actually own the product you bought

  11. If Sony wants to pump up their market share, they should make deals with companies like DirecTV, DishNetwork, and cable companies so that the PS3 can be used as a TV tuner and DVR box. The boxes put out by those companies tend to be very slow and have extremely limited interfaces that look like they belong on WebTVs from the 1990s, and the PS3's extensive processing power and hard drive expandabilty could work wonders if it could serve that purpose.